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Yoga-Tramp: The Best Thing since Sliced Bread

The trampoline isn’t just for jumping or doing semi-intense exercises. It is also a great place to practice simple to complex poses for yoga and even stretches before dancing ballet. You can do it with friends or even your little kids. Just make sure the poses you make really stretch all your muscles out.
1. You can do it while on a nice tutu.
Who cares what others think? You need to be in the presentably serious zone and the best way is to dress up for it.

2. You can do it with a friend too.

Work outs are less boring when you have a friend with you. Plus you can squeeze in some chitchats during your 10 second break –if you can talk that fast.

3. To start off, you have to have proper breathing. The poses won’t really help you out without learning how to breathe properly.

It’s also nice to have a calm and relaxing view to soothe your mind. Pilates works best in a soothing space.

4. Once you feel you have the proper breathing and you are properly stretched out, it’s time to get in some poses. And yes, you can bend it like Beckham.

The poses you need depend on what level you are. Don’t get ahead of yourself and do a headstand on your trampoline without going through the basic processes. You might end up having an injury.

5. The downward dog is a great position to stretch your hamstrings as well as your spine.

Remember to breaaaathe and hold that morning thunder especially when you are with a group. hehe

6. Do the work outs at least three times a week to get results like this…

Who doesn’t want nice abs? Especially because summer is fast approaching, better start working on Tina the Talking Tummy, ladies.

Workouts don’t have to be a routine or boring. They should be fun that everyone should enjoy. Doing them on a trampoline will not only help you gain more strength and balance, you get to have some quality time for yourself, too.



Four Reasons Why You Should Try Trampolining

It is not known in the entire world that the sport trampolining does exist. It does sound a little silly because how can some people consider “playing” a sport? That idea has long gone since Olympics came into the picture. Well, trampolining is fun and serious into one. Doing twists and turns in the air requires a lot of patience and discipline. It is really fun to look at as well.

Trampoline athletes can do a lot of things.

1. They make falling look cool.

2.  They can do twists like this.

3. They’re incredibly flexible.


4. They get to “fly”.

These are just some of the few tricks and stunts trampoline athletes can do. They are creative individuals that express their art through jumps and twists. They have the discipline of a soldier and a heart for the arts. There is so much to trampolining than anyone could ever know.