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Five Basic Trampoline Moves Every Beginner Needs to Learn

Jumping on trampolines are great work outs. You get to have some fun while get some exercise as well. There are a few basic moves any aspiring trampoline athlete needs to master before going on the complex moves. Remember to stretch before doing any of these jumps to avoid muscle strain or aches.

Here are five basic jumps every jumper needs to learn.

1. Tuck Jump

2. Straddle Jump

3. Pike Jump

4. Half Twist

5. Full Twist

These are all the basic moves you need to master before being able to do more complex flips and turns in the air. Once you have these five down, you can move on to back flips and somersaults. Remember to ask someone to watch you while you are on the trampoline so someone can help you in case you get cramps or such.