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Trampolines in the Olympics

Some people think jumping on trampolines is entertainment. There are also those who take it seriously. Since the birth of the trampoline, it has become a form of physical activity, a landing pad for acrobats and lastly a professional sport. A decade ago, it was formally introduced as an Olympic sport. It has become one of the most watched events for the grace and discipline it brings.

Prepare to be amazed.

Whoa. Just whoa.

The Sky’s The Limit for Ben Wilden

Australian trampoline athlete Ben Wilden has to be one of the most attractive guys you will see on the trampoline. He was the national champion in his home country before representing it in the Beijing Olympics. A few years before, he received the silver medal for the synchronised trampoline event during the Australian Youth Olympic Festival.

See his awesomeness in this very cool video of him doing tricks.

The high jumps and flips make it look so easy but those required years and years of preparation and cores strength.

Jason Burnett: Canada’s Trampoline Superstar

One of the greatest yet underrated sports in the world is trampolining. It is basically jumping on trampoline but with calculated moves and landings. It requires a very rigorous training for years and years to get each routine right. Take Jason Burnett, a Canadian trampolining superstar. He started training on the trampoline when he was 10 years old. In 2008, he won the silver medal in the Beijing Olympics after he performed one of the most difficult routines ever.

Take a look on how amazing this person is.

The way he landed in the end was just so clean and perfect. Trampolining is definitely one sport not for the faint hearted.