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Staying Fit on the Trampoline

Today, being fit trumps over being skinny. Both men and women work out not just to be slender but rather to be stronger. There are various forms of conditioning work outs. Some like the intense work outs like CrossFit or P90x. There are others who prefer something more mellow like yoga and pilates. Some still prefer the traditional route by lifting weights.

For those who like to have calm but conditioning work outs, yoga on trampolines is for you. It’s not as sturdy as being on the ground but it helps you keep your strength for balance. It can help you develop stronger arms, legs and your core. Here is a video that you can do for your relaxing yet high impact work out.

This can be enjoyed by people of all ages. Just make sure you have all safety precautions met. Having a safety net as well as a padding for the trampoline springs is very important. They will save you from falls and even pinches from the springs.

Hilarious Wrestling Game Between Friends (VIDEO)

Next to playing hoops and volleyball on a trampoline comes wrestling. It’s not the best sport to play on an unstable mat with no nets. This idea might not be really new to you but who knew it would be super hilarious? Watch these boys as they compete to become the next trampoline wrestler superstar.


There are really a lot of fun things to do on a trampoline and that includes playing silly wrestling games with your friends. But remember, this is not safe especially for little children to do on an unstable surface with no nets. It is always best to meet all safety precautions before getting on the trampoline.

Cool Trampoline Videos on Vine

Social media has reached higher levels. Years ago, text was the primary way of sharing ideas or events. Now, people have become more visual. They have created different social networks that use videos and photos to make people come together. One of these social networks is Vine. It allows a user to share a six-second video to their followers. A lot of these videos have more than a million views. This includes videos made by people performing tricks on the trampoline.

Here are a few Vine videos that will make your jaw drop.

Now, isn’t that amazing?

Four Things You Should Know About Trampolines

Most people ride the trampoline because it’s fun. But did you know the history that goes along with it? There are a lot of interesting things that everyone should know about one of man’s best inventions.
1. The more springs your trampoline has, the higher your bounce will be.

Before you count how many springs you have, it may be best to know what they are made. The best kind of springs are made with high tensile metal. That kind is the one that’s almost rust-proof and does not get easily worn out. You get a bang for your buck with these bad boys.

2. Trampolining was only recognized as an official Olympic sport in the year 2000 Sydney Games.

How can they not make that official? That’s a way better looking sport than walking.

3. Trampolining athletes can jump up until 30 feet into the air when using a professional grade trampoline.

Yup, they can “fly” for a short while. Awesome!

4. There are already trampoline clubs in some countries. They even have fitness classes there. You can be fit and playful at the same time!

If every gym looked like this, everyone will be fit and healthy.

These are just a few of the fun facts everyone should know about a trampoline. As if they’re not cool enough, people have been more innovative to having a great bouncing experience.

Three Rules for Safe Trampolining

Jumping on a trampoline gives anyone a sense of freedom. There’s just something liberating about being mid-air. However, like anything else in the world, there are certain limitations one can do on a trampoline. Not everyone is allowed to go on it too. Here are a few no-no’s for trampoline fans.

1. Pregnant women are not allowed on the trampoline.

Simply because they are not supposed to do anything strenuous. Unless they’ve been doing it for a long time and they have the clearance from their doctor, then they can do small jumps on it.


2. Toddlers, as much as possible, shouldn’t be allowed to get on it as well (without supervision).

If they insist, you should get them one of these…

This way, falling off won’t hurt too much for them. Make sure that only one gets on it as well to avoid bumps and bruises. Children whining isn’t the best noise to hear.


3. Groups of people on it should be avoided as well.

Having too many people on the trampoline will make someone jump off it accidentally. Bumping on a fully grown adult is more painful than falling. So you just might want to avoid that altogether.

Accidents are really inevitable to happen but there are some ways you can evade it. It’s really up to you how you’ll be able to do that. Always be mindful of who goes on the trampoline. It is fun for everyone but dangerous when things get out of control. Remember to keep a watchful eye on those who are on the trampoline, young or adults.