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Best #Trampoline Photos on Instagram

Instagram is one of the most downloaded and used applications on smartphones today. There are more than a million users and more than a million photos being posted. It is a well-received application no matter what kind of smartphone is used. Like a lot of things, trampolines have their own “hashtag”. A hashtag is simply a word or a phrase that has a “#” to identify a certain topic. Under its own hashtag, a lot of nice and funny photos can be found.
1. Cutest sibling photo on a trampoline!

Look at their eyes. This photo is a great way to let them forget their quarrels when they do. Whoever their parents are, they have the best gene combination.

2. Mama does Yoga
Yoga has lately been a huge hit for the fitness buffs. More people prefer the smooth and calming experience after each session. Why not do it on a trampoline too?

3. Happy Feet


4. Big Sis Does Tricks

Good job to her parents for sending her to some artsy dance school during the summer. Look how graceful she is!

5. Sweet dreams, big brother.

Looks like someone had a good night’s sleep on the trampoline. The mat is definitely one of the most comfortable places to lay down on.

These are just a few of the best trampoline photos on Instagram. You see the different uses of the trampoline as well. It can be played on, laid down on, practice Yoga on and even sleep on overnight. The investment you made? Totally worth it.

Four Celebrities Who Like Trampolines Like Normal People

Celebrities are people you see as gods and goddesses. But they are really just normal people who live a rather different life. Just like you, they like having fun. They also like trampolines for sale. Take a peek on the normal lives celebrities are living.
1. Kendra Wilkinson

Before becoming a mom, she used to be one of Hugh Hefner’s bunnies. She doesn’t seem so pleased with the trampoline though.

2. Jaden Smith

He really is Will Smith’s son. Who doesn’t want to be friends with him?

3. Megan Fox

Even after giving birth, Megan still looks gorgeous. Did you know she’s expecting her second child with Brian Green? Lucky guy!

4. Julianne Hough

She’s probably the bubbliest celebrity you will ever see on the red carpet. She’s the definitely the kind of girl you would love to hang out with in the trampoline gym.

You see, they are not too different from us mere mortals. They are normal too. They just have more in the bank accounts. No reason to be really jealous of them. What makes them laugh are the same things that make you do so too. 🙂


Inspiring Female Trampolining Superstars

Trampolining is not a sport for the faint hearted. It is for adrenaline junkies who love having thrill and suspense in their life. No, not like the movies, but on jumping up in the air and doing flips mid-air. Not all people know that trampolining is a real sport because jumping on trampolines seems like a thing for children, only. However, trampolining is one event included in the Olympics. They do not use really cheap trampolines like those used by families, though.

There are three astonishing women who have accomplished so much in trampoline sport. They have represented their countries in countless sporting events and brought home the bacon.

Irina Karavayeva is Russian trampolining world champion. She has been the world champion for staggering 12 times. She also won the very first trampolining event in the Olympics in 2000. Irina also won nine times as the European Champion for trampolining. In 2001 during the World Championships in Denmark, she won an individual title putting Anna Dogonadze down. Later on, it was discovered that it was supposed to be Anna who earned the title. Irina, being the modest winner, returned the gold medal to Anna during the World Games in Japan. She was given a standing ovation by all the spectators. Aside from being a champion trampolining athlete, she was also awarded by UNESCO for her efforts. Guess trampoline sport have instilled in world champions like Irina to land her feet always on the ground, so to speak. Continue reading

Five Things Grandma Will Tell You After Seeing You on a Trampoline

Next to your mum, grandma is probably the most protective and a little paranoid of all your family members. For her, anything that isn’t solid ground is dangerous and fatal. Yes, even a 2 feet wave at the beach is a no-go zone for them. Wonder what they’ll say when you do these things? Here’s a lowdown.

1. Dear, I think you should stick with swimming.

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