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Stay on the Ground, Trampoline!

Anchor kits are probably one of the reasons why there are top rated trampoline brands. Aside from having sturdy trampolines these brands have, they also know how to take care of their clients. Anchor kits is not just a shield from possible lawsuits, their manufactures know that each one that invests in their product gets the care they need.

These anchors act like the ones you see on a boat. They make the boat stay put when the current is strong. For a trampoline’s case, it stays on the ground when the winds get stronger. There are a lot of cases where a trampoline flies away because of the winds. So if you own one of these cool devices, you certainly do not want your trampoline to be hanging on a cable wire. That’s just going to be a big fiasco.

But for your anchor kit to do its job, it has to be installed properly. Make sure that the one you bought has a manual or at least a video on how to do it is up online. It’s not much work if that’s what you’re worried about. It’s as easy as putting on a seatbelt in an airplane.

Here are a few tips on properly installing your anchor kits:

  • You should have everything you need. Before paying for your kit, make sure all the parts are in the box. It will be a big hassle if you find out a missing one piece only when you arrive home.
  • A kit usually comes with four straps and four spring-like sticks that you will need to anchor the trampoline to the ground. You will be drilling them down to the ground to make sure they will not go astray, or particularly to an moody neighbour’s house
  • If your trampoline has six legs, you can put the anchors to four adjacent legs.
  • To drill the sticks down the ground, use a crowbar if your ground is a bit hard.
  • Remember to not do this when the winds are picking up speed or the rain is heavy. You will have a hard time dealing with a shaky trampoline. Although the ground will be soft, making it easier to install, it is not worth the risk of getting pneumonia, really.

Even if you live in a sunny place with no winds, it is best to get an anchor kit for your trampoline. Top rated trampoline brands usually offer this so even if it cost a bit more, the big investments is really worth for you to stick on the right spot.

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Trampolines Jumps for a Tone Body

Fitness buffs constantly look for different kinds of exercise. Some prefer the fun Zumba while others prefer the core intense Yoga.

For people who like having fun at the same time get some exercise, they can go jumping on a trampoline. A short 10-minute session is equal to running for a mile. It has similar level of health benefits but requires less effort. When you see a trampoline clearance sale, get one and start jumping your way up to your desired weight.

If you think jumping on a trampoline is your thing, here are a few exercise suggestions for you.

  • Aerobic Exercise is a kind of exercise that has a sustained rhythmic action using a large group of muscles. It raises your heart rate greatly and makes you breathe harder. These can be in the form of running, swimming or dancing. You can do certain of these exercises on the trampoline. It will greatly improve your balance and your core strength.
  • Muscle toning. Jumping on the trampoline will make your muscles more defined and toned. This is because your core strength is built when you are holding your body in position to control your movement and balance. When you jump on a trampoline, you control your movements in air naturally. You also maintain your balance as you are about to hit the trampoline.

Before you get on the trampoline, make sure you have clearance from your physician. It is not recommended to jump on a trampoline if you have heart ailments or bone problems. Most injuries are sprains or having a slip disc. So it is best to try it out before getting one of your own. If a friend has those conditions, try getting on it and feel it for a while. A trampoline is a big investment. So make sure you aren’t buying it just to store in the basement.

It is best to think twice when you see a trampoline clearance sale especially if you have back problems or other health problems. Remember to visit your doctor before trying a new exercise and if it is suitable for your body’s condition. You can also check our products page for good and safe trampoline choices. Even if you’re beyond your 40s and it becomes a challenge to do the exercises an 18 year old can do, you should always make fitness a habit so your body will be conditioned for anything.

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Flying Away : How Important Are Anchor Kits

If the answer to the joke ‘Why do Kangaroo mums hate bad weather?’ is that ‘Their joeys have to play inside!’, in this case, it would be that ‘their joeys have to run and mess around the house the entire afternoon ’.

There have been a lot of changes in weather patterns in all the different parts of the world. Winds can become strong and storms can turn out like an angry monster. No, outdoor play for the little kangaroos, then! Imagine that? Strong winds blowing away different fun games.

Mums surely know what this sad face looks like.

No one is really safe from strong winds these days, and that includes the safe trampolines for sale mums see in the stores. Sometimes, the strongest trampolines are blown over and that’s not exactly good news. Imagine the children’s faces when they see a ruined trampoline after a storm passed. Not entirely the best look! So how can mums avoid this situation? Mums! And Dad’s too! Listen to these tips.

Handle with Care

Trampolines are made to be sturdy and durable but due to weird weather changes, they can get worn out. It’s just like when humans get exposed to harsh heat and strong rains in a day. The body is bound to react in confusion and end up sick for the lack of better ways to adapt. This is the same case with trampolines. When they get wet all the time and then left in the scorching heat after, they end up walking in the road to damage. This also affects the frame of the trampoline. Because it is made of metal, a trampoline will get rusty like an old man’s brain – although metaphorically in the case of the latter. So when the rain starts to pour, you might want to keep your trampoline in the garage for safekeeping.

Prevention is Always Better than Cure

The best solution to avoid flying trampolines is to have an anchor kit.  Anchor kits hold your trampoline down to the ground. They are easy to install, as well. Thank god, right? There are a lot of instructional video guides available on the internet and of course there is always an expected manual given along with the kit. Even if the winds try to force the trampolines fly off, the worst thing that could possibly happen is ripping the trampoline mats. In this case, finding a replacement is easy and it is cheaper than buying a new trampoline for your backyard.

Call your trampoline manufacture or check their website to know if they have these kits. These will really help you during strong winds or temperamental weathers in general. Having these can help you save hundreds of dollars for repairs and damages. You can use that to have a fancy dinner, instead.

Do not just get the anchor kit when the storm is comes. What’s the use of buying one when your trampoline is already waving goodbye. It is always better to have preventive measures rather than seeing your trampoline hanging on a tree branch. Always be on the lookout for safe trampolines for sale so you will know where to find replacements if needed. Visit the premier trampolines for replacement parts choices.

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High Jumps

When raising a child, a parent’s greatest challenge is always on how to boost their confidence. Children do not have the confidence of a 40 year old. Once they hear something bad uttered about them, they easily feel really awful and plant trauma in their minds until they grow up. Other parents find themselves hopeless at how to cheer their little ones. But some parents know that a treat of pure fun 14-foot trampoline enclosure is just what they need.

Jumping Bright Child

One way of boosting a child is by letting them get on a trampoline. This is because they get to exhaust their emotions and learn to have better control and balance.  They will feel empowered and brave. Jumping on a trampoline with 14-foot trampoline enclosure will also help them engage in sports later on. Since jumping will help them have better balance, riding a board or even dunking hoops will be easy. Accomplishing something, big or small, will always boost a child’s confidence and bring a smile to their mom’s face.

The Future Sportsman

With this equipment, children will not only improve in their sports or other extra-curricular activities, they will also become the makings of a great athlete. Don’t believe this? Save the pessimism for the oldies because it is for a fact that jumping on a trampoline will improve motor skills. And everyone knows that children who have a combination of good athletic and academic skills are the ones who excel in school. That’s called holistic learning. The brain is used to working in harmony so doing schoolwork will be easy. Not convinced yet? Try jumping around and you’ll probably become more productive in your job, too.

Healthy Bounce

Jumping also improves the health of children. It promotes the movement of nutrients all over their tiny bodies. Shaking up the cells will let them travel around and distribute what needs to be given away. This also helps strengthen the heart muscles. This kind of exercise pushes for the increase of bone mineral content and avoids diseases like osteoporosis. When a child is healthy, they are confident to move around and do anything they want to do.

Helping children become confident will be quite a challenge. Sometimes children can be shy as a shell. So, encourage them at all times and try to reward them with complements whenever they finally show their confidence. Their effort to do hard work is worth every praise you give. Letting them know you are proud of the good things they do means a lot especially coming from mum and dad.

To know more about overcoming the challenges of a shy child, get loads of pure fun 14-foot trampoline fun and read on more tips in this blog. You can also visit our trampoline site for product choices.

No More Blow Outs

Parents often worry about their rug rats falling off a trampoline. They also worry about those little fingers getting pinched by the springs. But really, those worries are too irrational because there is a way to keep them away and that’s by getting a springless trampoline.

Nevertheless, if you are a parent with a similar concern but have a tight budget, you can check out some springless trampoline prices when out on a shopping. Springless are not as expensive as you think they are. In fact, they are also worth your investment as they could prevent you from hearing those little ones achingly cry for help when their fingers get pinched by those unforgiving springs. Listen to these advices to make you really consider investing on springless.

Good Decision

When buying your springless trampoline, you can assure that the mat is made for Aussie heat that could work for more than a year. Trampolines like this are built to complement with the safety nature of the springless’ premise they are selling. So your sprogs will have a lot of fun and you need not worry because the temperature can maintain at a balanced level.

Fewer Worries

Parents are usually identical to worry. They fuzz about everything. As parents, it is easy to imagine your reaction upon seeing a flying trampoline. Sometimes reality is stranger than fiction! When the winds are strong, a trampoline will really fly away because it is made with a light-weight metal frame that cannot hold its ground when the air pressure is too strong. But the good news is that most if not all springless trampolines are sold with a recommendation to purchase an anchor kit. So you are sure to be informed about the need to keep the equipment grounded!

Putting Your Money Where You Can See It

Having a springless trampoline especially one with anchor kit is a great investment. The worst thing that could possibly happen is to get rips and tears from a newly purchased device. Although spring trampolines still have benefits, as well, they just don’t work that well during windy weathers. Prices for trampolines without springs are not very high, so you can save a few pineapples and lobsters.

Easy Installation

Springless trampolines are a walk in the park to install. No need to spend big bickies to hire help. Just watch a few videos online and you will be good to go. Also, the anchor kits usually go with a manual that can help you. Now how neat is that?

The need on safety has evolved with the times and the ever changing climate. The best thing you can do is to avoid unnecessary spending and start investing on preventive measures. For springless trampoline, visit premier trampoline for new products, replacements, anchor kits and over all trampoline needs.

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