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How to order your replacement trampoline net

premier_ trampolines_how_to_order_net_correctly

Not sure which trampoline net to buy? A little confused on how to work out what size trampoline you have? Check out this quick video which explains how to order the correct size trampoline net. We really whan you to order the correct size safety net for your trampoline the first time.

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Springless Trampoline Assembly

Springless trampolines to assemble can take some time if you are unsure of the process.  A very extensive instustruction manual is provided with the trampoline, however a 1 hours job to keep the kids happy and jumping can be a stressful 3 hour experience.

We understand how important it is to get the assembly right, we have produced a simple 1 56 second assembly video to assist you in assembling your springless trampoline.

In an nutshell, the follow steps are to be taken when assembling your springless trampoline.

  1. Choose a place to have your trampoline on a flat surface.
  2. Lay out the sprinlgess trampoline frame on the ground and fasten.
  3. Fasten the springless trampoline legs together and attached them one at a time to the springless trampoline frame.
  4. Attach the trampoline jumping mat in quarters.  That is, put one attachment point in each quarter, then work around in a circle motion.
  5. Attach the trampoline pad and secure with the ties.
  6. Attach and fasten your springless trampoline enclosure poles.
  7. Lay out the trampoline net on the trampoline and slide each enclosure pole into the net sleve one at a time.
  8. Stand up each springless trampoline enclosure pole and clamp to the leg one at a time.
  9. Tie the trampoline enclosure net under the trampoline.
  10. Hook on the ladder, HAPPY JUMPING.