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How to assemble your spring trampoline

It can be quite overwhelming when you first open the boxes of your trampoline.  Never fear, it is quite simple to assemble if you take one step at a time.

  1. Make sure you do not move your trampoline until you have completed the assembly.  If you move the trampoline before you have attached the enclosure it may buckle and you will need to start again.
  2. Put the top rail together, these are the pieces that have the holes in them for the springs, all of these trampoline pieces put together will make a circle.  Fasten them if needed with the bolts using the predrilled holes as a guide.
  3. Next is the legs. Make your legs and lay them on the ground where they are to be attached to the top rail.   One at a time, hold up the trampoline top frame and slide the legs in place.
  4. Once you have done that you should have the trampoline top frame and legs only together.
  5. Lay your trampoline mat out in the middle of the top rail circle and hook on one spring at a time.  Work around in a  clockwise direction.  When you get to the last 3 or so meters, the tension on the mat will become tight and when you get to the last few spring, you will most likely need to pull them on the trampoline frame with you leg against the top frame.
  6. New place your trampoline safety pad and tie in place.
  7. Trampoline safety enclosure time.  Your trampoline enclosure poles will be in two pieces, fasten them together and move the safety padding to the top of the pole.  You may also have a cap to place on the top of the trampoline safety enclosure.  Fix that in place.
  8. Lay out the trampoline safety enclosure poles in line with the legs on the assembled trampoline base.
  9. Your trampoline net will have a zip entry, think about where you want what to be and lay the trampoline net out on the trampoline base.
  10. One at a time, slide the trampoline safety enclosure poles into the sleeves of the trampoline enclosure until they are all done.
  11. With someone standing on the trampoline base, one at a time stand the trampoline enclosure poles up and clamp them to the leg.
  12. Final step, tie the trampoline safety net under the trampoline.
  13. CONGRATULATIONS, you are done.

Are you a visual person?  CLICK  to see an assembly video.