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Trampoline Pad, Mat and Safety Net Shipment

Thank you to those who have preordered a trampoline pad, trampoline mat and trampoline safety net.  Our shipment of trampoline spare parts is on track due to arrive at our warehouse by the end of the month.

You can still place your order on our website to secure the trampoline spare part and lock in the price.

Looking for Trampoline Pads, Trampoline Mats or Trampoline Nets.  Easy online shopping with next day shipment when the stock arrives.

Beware the 9ft, 11ft and 13ft trampoline

On a daily basis, someone would call our office and ask for a replacement trampoline mat, trampoline safety enclosure or trampoline safety pad for a 9ft, 11ft or 13ft trampoline.  Unfortunately for those people, their trampoline part cannot, in most cases, be replaced.

If you buy a trampoline that is of odd size, usually purchased from toy stores and large department stores, these stores do not stock spare parts.  When your trampoline is out of warranty you will find it very difficult to buy a replacement part from other suppliers.

9ft, 11ft and 13ft trampolines are not a normal size trampoline to stock and are rarely sold, other than when a large department store has a “Massive Sale”.

Your bargain trampoline is turning out to be very expensive.  You will, unfortunatly, need to buy a whole new trampoline.  Before you buy your trampoline, please make sure that your supplier stocks spare parts.

3 ways to tell a safe trampoline

We consider a trampoline purchase to be a long term investment.   Your children will play on it for many years to come.  Before you buy a trampoline you should consider it’s safety, construction and whether it is value for money.

The trampoline is not only about the children, it’s about you.  Will you be able to sitand  relax when your children play on your backyard trampoline because you know that it is safe?

Before you buy your backyard trampoline, there are things to consider before making your purchase:

  1. What is the quality and thickness of the frame?
    Your trampoline frame should be at lease 1.5mm thick.  Any less than this and the quality and strength of the frame is compromised.  If you have bigger children that are heavier, the stress on the frame welds can break and the trampoline frame can bend.
  2. How good is the construction of the trampoline Pad?
    The trampoline pad, together with the trampoline enclosure is a must safety feature.  Don’t waste your time and hard earned money buying a trampoline with a trampoline pad made from PE.  It will not last in our harsh Aussie climate.  PE material is more commonly used to make tarps.  You will be buying a replacement trampoline pad within 12 months and this will costs you around $100.
  3. How strong is the trampoline safety enclosure?
    We talk to a great deal of customers who have not had their trampoline for 12 months and the weave of the trampoline net has already broken down in the sun.  We have found that Tery-lene is the strongest weave for trampoline enclosure and can withstand the Aussie climate.

Trampolines for Christmas

What a perfect christmas gift.  A backyard trampoline will provides hours and hours of fun for the whole family.  Get the kids outside and in the fresh air.  Studies have shown that children are spending more and more time in front of the tv, computers or video games.  A trampoline is a great place for your children to gather and talk, play and get fit.  Our trampolines are currently on sale, for a limited time and selling fast, a whopping 15% off our entire spring trampoline and springless trampoline range.  8ft spring trampolines start from a low $246.50.  You get everything in the kit, trampoline enclosure, trampoline ladder, trampoline safety pad.  Why not spoil the kids and get them playing outside again.

Buy a Trampoline for Christmas

Trampolines on sale, 15% off.

Trampoline Safety Enclosure

As a Mum of 3 young primary school age children, I understand how dangerous backyard play can be.  Why buy a trampoline that does not have a safety enclosure?  First priority is to have the children play safely on your backyard trampoline, but secondly, you can relax and enjoy your family, friends, free time, knowing that the children cannot fall off the trampoline.  I believe a trampoline safety enclosure is a must.   It is very inexpensive to turn your ordinary round backyard trampoline into a safety trampoline by attaching an enclosure.  Small price to pay for piece of mind.